Walmart Plus: Launch date, price and perks

Walmart Plus is coming, and here's everything you need to know about the Walmart Plus price, launch date and perks

Walmart Plus price launch date perks
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Walmart Plus (stylised Walmart+) is the soon-to-launch Amazon Prime competitor service run by Walmart.

The service, which appears to be launching imminently, is a membership program where shoppers can get "free unlimited same-day delivery on groceries and thousands of other items."

A webpage is now live on that is specifically for Walmart Plus, and it reads "Walmart+ is almost here". 

And this is the 'meta description' which is shown when you share the Walmart+ page:

Walmart Plus Walmart+

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Combine those two things together and it looks like Walmart Plus is going to launch imminently and offer free same-day delivery on groceries and plenty of other products, too.

And, well, Walmart Plus sounds like something that anyone who is interested in saving money should pay attention to. Walmart is renowned worldwide for its wide-selection of products and cheap prices, but it hasn't had its own successful paid-for Amazon Prime-style delivery service up until now.

Walmart Plus: What is it?

Simply put, Walmart Plus is a new subscription service that will offer free same-day and next-day delivery of groceries and various other products sold at Walmart. It is Walmart's long-rumoured competitor service to Amazon Prime, and intends to reward its subscribers with exclusive deals and perks.

When it first launches it appears Walmart Plus is going to lean heavily towards the groceries and essentials market, rather than store-wide merchandise, however from what we've seen and heard so far, electronics, clothing, tools and more are also going to be eligible for Walmart Plus free and fast delivery.

The initial focus on groceries appears to come from the fact that Walmart Plus appears to be a rebranding of the store's Grocery Unlimited Service, which launched last year. However, our understanding here at T3 is that will rapidly expand to include general merchandise, discounts on fuel at Walmart gas stations, and early access to product deals, too.

Walmart Plus: Price

In terms of a Walmart Plus price, no official cost has been confirmed. However, a Walmart Plus price of $98 is believed to be the ballpark in which the retailer is thinking of playing, which will be $20 cheaper than Amazon Prime, which costs $119.

That, of course, would be the Walmart Plus subscription price for a whole year, so there may well be monthly pricing options available as well. Here at T3, though, we would absolutely be looking to pick up Walmart Plus on an yearly basis.

Hopefully there will also be a Walmart Plus free trial, as that would allow people to trial the service to see if it is right for them before signing up.

Walmart Plus: Perks

The BIG perk of Walmart Plus is its ability to deliver groceries and other products with free same-day delivery. Walmart Plus subscribers will be able to reserve delivery slots, too, and will also have special access to Walmart's brand new Express two-hour delivery service as well.

Other reported features include the ability to place orders by text message, bagging discounts on prescription drugs and even getting priority check-outs in Walmart's physical stores. Instead of waiting in line, Walmart Plus users would just sail through an upgraded Scan & Go service.

While unconfirmed, there is also talk that Walmart will strike deals that will allow Walmart Plus subscribers free access to films and TV shows.

Naturally, as with Amazon Prime, Walmart Plus looks set to also grant subscribers priority timed access to many deals during big holiday sales like Black Friday. Before regular customers can ring up the deal, Walmart Plus members should be able to bag them in advance.

For deal hunters, it looks even at this early stage like Walmart Plus could be an essential purchase.

Walmart Plus: Better than Amazon Prime?

For many people this will be the most important aspect of Walmart Plus – is it better than Amazon Prime? Only a very small portion of the general public will be able to ring up two retail subscription services (certainly on an annual basis) and, really, there would be so much cross-over in the service delivered that it wouldn't be very cost effective at all.

So, can Walmart Plus compete with Amazon Prime? Right now there are more than 150 million Prime subscribers worldwide, which is something that has helped Amazon scoop up a whopping 38% of all online retail sales. In comparison, right now Walmart only accounts for 5% off all online sales, and that is despite its colossal bricks-and-mortar presence.

Right now too many things remain unconfirmed with Walmart Plus to be able to adequately rate the service, and especially in comparison to Prime which is such an established, known entity. If the rumours are true, though, and the Walmart Plus will offer things like discounted fuel and prescription drugs, as well as neat extras like delivery slot reservations, then there is no-doubting that for many the service would appeal.

Right now Walmart has a blanket free 2-day delivery program on any order that is over $35, which is pretty darn good. However, with Prime offering free next-day delivery on thousands and thousands of products, a service like Walmart Plus where customers would get free same-day delivery sounds like just the weapon Walmart needs to wrestle back some of that online market share.

Walmart drops amazing tech deals each and every month, and when it comes round to big shopping events like the July sales and Black Friday, it is always in the top selection of retailers in terms of bagging sweet deals.

So the prospect of scoring excellent Walmart deals and getting free same-day delivery is tantalising, so here's hoping we get to see Walmart Plus launch sooner rather than later.

Naturally, as deal hunting experts, T3 is following the Walmart+ development closely, so be sure to keep checking back here for any news.

In the meantime, you can shop all of Walmart's best deals, which come with free 2-day delivery.