Amazon Prime Day date CONFIRMED – mark this day on your calendar

Amazon Prime Day promises to be the retailer's biggest ever, and now when it is starting has been confirmed

Amazon Prime Day date
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Despite the start time of Amazon's Black Friday sale already leaking, up until now we had no idea as to when Amazon Prime Day was going to be this year.

Amazon Prime Day had been delayed from earlier this year due to 2020's unprecedented challenges, and while there had been whispers of the event taking place toward the end of the year, nothing had been confirmed.

That, though, has just changed for good, as a brand new report by US news site CNET has revealed exactly when Amazon Prime Day is starting.

CNET report that:

"Amazon's Prime Day is finally coming. The annual sale event will kick off in the US on Tuesday, Oct. 13, according to four people with knowledge of Amazon's plans."

There is that date, clearly stated: 13 October, 2020.

Interestingly, the report notes that Amazon has already blacked out any vacation for its full-time warehouse worked from the 13th right through to the 20th of October, indicating that we might see a much large Prime Day sale this year.

This confirmation falls in line with what T3 had been postulating recently, that we could see Amazon Prime Day lead directly into the retailer's pre-Black Friday sales offering, which are slated to start on 26 October, 2020.

It therefore now looks like we're going to get Amazon Prime Day sales kicking off on October 13, followed by either a small gap to Amazon's Black Friday sales starting, or none at all, with the retailer seamlessly rolling over into them.

This revelation tallies well with the fact that this year retailers are looking to spread out their best Black Friday deals over a much longer period of time. Retailers are expected to start dropping Black Friday and winter holiday deals from early October this year, so it will pay for deal hunters to be switched on earlier than usual.

This movement is largely being driven by the inability for retailers to have such a strong high-street presence this year due to people working from home more and not venturing out as much to shop in person. Traditional Door Buster sales aren't possible and so retailers are pushing those deals online.

Hopefully we now don't have to wait much longer until Amazon itself ratifies the specific Prime Day kick-off time itself, but until then we can mark 13 October on our calendars and prepare to bag some brilliant bargains.

Robert Jones
Robert Jones

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