Cyber Monday 2022 in Australia: the retailers with discounts this November

Black Friday ends, but the deals don't, as savings continue on with Cyber Monday on November 28

Cyber Monday deals 2022
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Black Friday might have ended, with the official date falling on November 25 this year, but 2022's biggest sale event isn't a one-day affair. We've been able to experience quite a few Black Friday sales Down Under to know that Cyber Monday is also a big damn deal in Australia.

This year, Cyber Monday is on November 28 and, for the most part, marks the end of the year's biggest sale. Most retailers will end their discounts at 11:59pm AEDT tonight (November 28), but there will be a few hangers on vying for your attention potentially till November 30. It should be noted that these will be few and far between, so if you haven't yet finished your Christmas shopping – whether for yourself or your friends and family – you'd better get a wriggle on!

Cyber Monday is, for the most part, your last chance to grab excellent savings across several categories of items on sale – from fashion and beauty to tech and gaming. 

While we're not listing individual offers here – we really don't know what you'd like to get – we've listed a selection of top retailers in Australia below who have Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals ongoing.

Where to find the best Cyber Monday 2022 deals

Fashion & Beauty

  • Adore Beauty (opens in new tab): skincare, hair care and more beauty essentials
  • Amazon (opens in new tab): clothes, shoes, accessories and more
  • ASOS (opens in new tab): clothing, footwear, accessories and beauty products
  • Kogan (opens in new tab): clothes, shoes and more for men, women and children
  • MAC Cosmetics (opens in new tab): beauty essentials, including gift packs
  • Myer (opens in new tab): fragrances, make-up and more
  • Natonic (opens in new tab): discounts on skincare products and fragrances
  • Oakley (opens in new tab): sunglasses for everyone
  • Ray-Ban (opens in new tab): classics that never get old
  • Sephora (opens in new tab): cosmetics, skincare, fragrances 
  • Shiels (opens in new tab): discounts on jewellery
  • Sketchers (opens in new tab): comfy shoes for him, her and the l'il 'uns
  • Sunglass Hut (opens in new tab): sunglasses from several brands
  • The Iconic (opens in new tab): clothing, footwear and much more
  • Vans (opens in new tab): shoes and clothing

Home & kitchen

  • Adairs (opens in new tab): bedding, bath and furniture
  • Amazon (opens in new tab): furniture, home decor, small appliances and more
  • Breville (opens in new tab): small appliances for the home and kitchen
  • Big W (opens in new tab): discounts on a homewares and small appliances
  • eBay Australia (opens in new tab): a variety of homewares, furniture and more
  • Ecosa (opens in new tab): mattresses-in-a-box and bedding
  • Ecovacs: (opens in new tab) robot vacuum specialists
  • Emma Sleep (opens in new tab): award-winning mattresses and pillows
  • Eva Home (opens in new tab): mattresses, sofas, bed frames and more
  • ErgoTune (opens in new tab): one of the best office chairs in Australia
  • KitchenAid (opens in new tab): some of the best kitchen appliances in the business
  • Koala (opens in new tab): comfy mattresses, bedding and select furniture
  • Kogan (opens in new tab): bedding, manchester, cookwares and more
  • Myer (opens in new tab): homewares, furniture, kitchenware and more
  • Nespresso (opens in new tab): discounts on coffee machines and pods, even bundles
  • SteelCase (opens in new tab): ergonomic office chairs
  • Target (opens in new tab): bedding and other homewares for less


  • Amazon (opens in new tab): gaming consoles and software
  • eBay Australia (opens in new tab): from gaming laptops to the games themselves
  • Fanatical (opens in new tab): games for less
  • Green Man Gaming (opens in new tab): games and game keys
  • Dell (opens in new tab): gaming laptops from Dell and Alienware, plus peripherals
  • HP (opens in new tab): Omen gaming laptops with grunt
  • Lenovo (opens in new tab): Legion-branded gaming beasts
  • Razer (opens in new tab): some of the best gaming laptops and accessories in the business
  • Secretlab (opens in new tab): discounts on top gaming chairs


  • Amazon (opens in new tab): phones, audio gear, cameras, ereaders and much more
  • Apple (opens in new tab): bonus gift card with select purchases until November 28
  • Bose (opens in new tab): headphones, speakers, soundbars
  • CameraPro (opens in new tab): great prices on cameras and lenses
  • Dell (opens in new tab): Inspiron and XPS laptops, monitors and desktop PCs
  • DigiDirect (opens in new tab): cameras and photography gear for less
  • Dyson (opens in new tab): arguably the best in floor care, hair care and air care
  • eBay Australia (opens in new tab): phones, cameras, audio gear, TVs and more
  • Google Store (opens in new tab): Pixel phones, buds, Nest smart home devices
  • HP (opens in new tab): laptops for less
  • JB Hi-Fi (opens in new tab): a wide variety of electronics, from phones to TVs and accessories
  • Kogan (opens in new tab): headphones, speakers, smartphones and more
  • Lenovo (opens in new tab): Yoga laptops and 2-in-1s, plus ThinkPad workhorses 
  • Microsoft (opens in new tab): discounts on Surface devices and bundles
  • Samsung (opens in new tab): Android smartphones and tablets
  • Sonos (opens in new tab): wireless speakers, soundbars and smart speakers straight from the maker
  • The Good Guys (opens in new tab): phones, TVs, audio and more
  • Wireless 1 (opens in new tab): offers on tablets, laptops, audio, phones and more

Fitness & outdoors

  • Adidas (opens in new tab): running shoes and apparel
  • Adventure Kings: camping gear, paddle boards, gazebos and more
  • Amazon (opens in new tab): from camping gear to fitness wearables
  • Asics (opens in new tab): running shoes and activewear
  • BCF (opens in new tab): fishing, camping and all other outdoor needs
  • Chain Reaction (opens in new tab): for all your cycling needs
  • EcoFlow (opens in new tab): portable power backup for camping and emergencies
  • Gymshark (opens in new tab): British fitness apparel now available in Australia
  • Kogan (opens in new tab): camping and outdoor needs for less
  • Lululemon (opens in new tab): yoga and fitness apparel for men and women
  • New Balance (opens in new tab): running and walking shoes, plus clothing too
  • Nike (opens in new tab): discounts on select shoes and apparel
  • Rebel Sports (opens in new tab): fitness gear, apparel and tech
  • Reebok (opens in new tab): casual and training shoes for everyone
  • The Athlete's Foot (opens in new tab): up to 40% on sportswear
  • The North Face (opens in new tab): outdoor clothing, shoes and equipment
  • Wiggle (opens in new tab): cycling, running and swimming gear

Food and wine

  • Amazon (opens in new tab): alcohol, pantry staples, even toiletries
  • Coravin (opens in new tab): wine preservation systems to keep 'em fresh
  • eBay Australia (opens in new tab): cases of wine and spirits for less
  • EveryPlate (opens in new tab): affordable meal kits with up to 50% off
  • Kogan (opens in new tab): discounts on wine cases
  • Liquorland: (opens in new tab) 10% off sitewide with promo code TEN

Wellness and Personal Care

  • Amazon (opens in new tab): electric toothbrushes, shavers, trimmers and more
  • Kogan (opens in new tab): epilators, shavers, toothbrushes and more
  • Lovehoney (opens in new tab): adult toys and lingerie for less
  • The Shaver Shop (opens in new tab): huge discounts on personal care and beauty tech


  • Appliance Central (opens in new tab): whitegoods, TVs and other electronics
  • Appliances Online (opens in new tab): large appliances for the entire home
  • Betta Home Living (opens in new tab): large and small appliances
  • eBay Australia (opens in new tab): discounts on Dyson, Breville. Nespresso and more
  • Ecovacs Robotics (opens in new tab): some of the best robot vacuums in Australia
  • Samsung (opens in new tab): the Bespoke range of appliances are good looking and top performers
  • The Good Guys (opens in new tab): fridges, dishwashers, washing machines and other large appliances

Toys and hobbies

  • Big W (opens in new tab): sale on games, books and more
  • Booktopia (opens in new tab): wide range of ebooks and Kobo ereaders
  • Donner Music (opens in new tab): taking care of your musical needs
  • eBay Australia (opens in new tab): toys, musical instruments, collectibles and more
  • Lego Australia (opens in new tab): blocks for kids and the young at heart
  • Sanity (opens in new tab): games, movies, vinyl, books, collectibles and other merch


  • Adobe Creative Cloud (opens in new tab): 45% off the 'All Apps' plan
  • Bitdefender (opens in new tab): 70% off one-year subscriptions
  • Norton (opens in new tab): up to AU$110 off one-year subscriptions
  • Trend Micro (opens in new tab): up to 70% off antivirus suites


  • Petbarn (opens in new tab): more than just essential pet supplies
  • Pet Circle (opens in new tab): food, toys and more
  • Pet House (opens in new tab): pet apparel, treats, toys and more


Cyber Monday written out in green LEDs

Cyber Monday saw some insane deals last year in gaming, computing, clothing, jewellery, and more.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday, as a term, was created in 2005 by the American National Retail Federation to describe the phenomenon occurring the Monday after Thanksgiving, where massive increases in online shopping throughout the United States were consistently seen.

Without doubt, Cyber Monday became a thing off the back of Black Friday, the super sales day that runs the day after Thanksgiving. Today Grey Thursday, Black Friday, the Black Weekend and Cyber Monday are largely indistinguishable from each other in the US. Many theories exist as to why online sales began to spike on the Monday following Black Friday in the US, but most point to the fact that many shoppers quickly lost their appetites for physical Black Friday deal hunting, and instead preferred to wait and shop at their leisure after enjoying time relaxing over the Thanksgiving weekend.

In Australia, Cyber Monday is essentially indistinguishable from the Black Friday sale, with most retailers continuing offering the same deals across the full four-day weekend. Still, Cyber Monday as a separate sale is just starting to catch on locally, and some retailers actually offer fresh new deals for that one day only.

When is Cyber Monday 2021?

Cyber Monday 2022 is on Monday, November 28, the Monday immediately after Black Friday.

What is Cyber Monday meant for?

In some markets, Cyber Monday is a sale all on its own, mostly focusing on online deals only, with consumer tech as the main category getting discounted. However, in Australia, it's not a whole lot different from Black Friday itself and pretty much every deal available in-store will be available online too.

While Cyber Monday was at least partly introduced as a way to drag out Black Friday sales even further, it's also been designed as an opportunity to highlight the ground that online shopping has made up in terms of the globe's retail habits. Your favourite online-only stores? Cyber Monday celebrates them... kind of.

Is Cyber Monday the same as Black Friday?

In Australia, Cyber Monday as a separate sale is only just starting to catch on, so you'll still see a lot of retailers simply letting their Black Friday bargains carry over to the day. However, the growth in attention and appreciation for Cyber Monday as a distinct event of its own does make it highly likely there'll be sales and discounts exclusive to the date to watch out for.

Either way, as far as shoppers are concerned, Cyber Monday is just another welcome way to cash in on some savings ahead of the holidays. And who doesn't love a good bargain?

How to find the best Cyber Monday 2022 deals

To score the very best Cyber Monday deals this year, you need to be prepared, which is where T3 come in. Below, we've listed our tips and tricks that can help you score the best deals from thousands of retailers, this Cyber Monday.

1. Create a wish list

When it comes to buying anything, especially during a big sales event like Cyber Monday, it's important to have a wish list. By creating a list of products that you want, this helps you focus on what you need so you're not unnecessarily spending your money on random things. We all get excited when we see that something is 90% off... but do you need it? If the answer is no and most importantly, if it's not on your wish list, leave it! No one wants buyers remorse, after all.

2. Do the research

When you put together your wish list, it's also a good idea to do some research on the product that you want and the retailer you intend to buy it from. By doing your research in advance, you can identify a selection of well reviewed models and then look out for discounts on them, rather than dropping money blindly on a discounted item that could offer sub-standard performance. It's also worth looking into the retailer you're shopping at. It's all well and good getting a new TV at a super cheap price but if it's not being delivered until January... is it worth it? Check delivery times, cashback guarantees and reviews to make sure you're buying from a trustworthy place.

3. Shop a year behind

It's a well-known fact that the Cyber Monday sales are a way for retailers to shift out the last of the current year's stock in preparation for the new year's models. Many of the best deals are on top products that are a year or more old, and while you might think you're getting an 'old' or 'tried' model, they're actually at the top of their prime.

4. Focus on the price rather than the savings

Retailers often try to shock or fool shoppers by advertising how much you'll save rather than its price. This is almost always because the saving has been artificially created. For example, retailers might reach the saving figure by benchmarking it against the products original RRP. It will almost certainly not have been at this price for months or even years, so the saving is actually fake.

Another way retailers try to pull the wool over deal-hunters' eyes is by jacking up a products price in the months leading up to Cyber Monday, so when the product 'drops' in price, you think you're saving more than you are. Just like tip 2, make sure to research a product's price at as many retailers as possible, and you can use price history sites like

5. Remember the winter holiday season sales

Finally, remember that you don't have to buy something on Cyber Monday, especially if you're a little strapped for cash. The cost of living crisis has been terrible this year so we wouldn't blame you for waiting until the last minute to buy your Christmas presents. If this is the case, remember that there's plenty of time to buy gifts in December, plus many retailers and brands will run their winter holiday season sales almost as soon as we enter the festive month. And if it's something for yourself, maybe hold off till Australia's Boxing Day sales on December 26.

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