Apple's iPhone app store tops 250,000 apps

Apple iPhone app store passes the quarter million mark

Apple passes another milestone, hitting the quarter million mark in its app store.

Even after Apple removed all wi-fi apps from its app store, there are now 252,227 iPhone apps available on Apple's app store, which include 10,456 music apps and 28,752 entertainment apps.

The last update on the iPhone development news web site was on August 28 2010, which shows the total number of active apps on the app store, and breaks them down into the categories as well.

The most popular categories seem to be books (43,759 apps), games (36,646), entertainment (28,752), education (19,526) and lifestyle (16,021). The top ten is rounded off by travel, utilities, music, reference and sports apps.


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The number of free apps in the store stands at 74,525, which is 29.55 per cent of the total. The average app price is $2.67 (£1.72).

Impressive numbers, considering the iPhone app store is 2-years-old.

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