Unmissable broadband deal delivers fast, unlimited internet for a bargain price

Fast, unlimited broadband with line rental and totally free installation included

Broadband deals
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T3 monitors the best broadband deals every day of every week of the year, and this brilliant deal from Plusnet is one of the most value-stuffed we've seen in 2019.

That's because for a limited time only you can now bag unlimited fast broadband, along with free installation and line rental, as well as £70 cashback for a delightfully discounted price point.

Unlimited broadband deals are what T3 looks out for most when deal hunting, as today the average home has countless devices that all demand serious data, so the last thing anyone needs is to be constantly fretting about going over some data cap and then being rinsed for a small fortune.

This deal from Plusnet delivers that data freedom and then some. The full details of the deal can be viewed below:

Unlimited Fibre Broadband + Line Rental | Upfront price: £0.00 | Monthly price: £22.99 | Contract length: 18 months
For anyone looking for unlimited, fast broadband for cheap then this limited-time deal from Plusnet is well worth a look. It bags you unlimited use internet with an average download speed of 36Mb for only £22.99 per month. What's more, the deal also includes line rental and installation for free, as well as £70 cashback, too.View Deal

Unlimited data is not enough to make a broadband deal truly special, though. It also needs to deliver on the speed front, and again this Plusnet deal delivers, with average download speeds of 36Mb, which is more than enough for 4K movie streaming, intense multiplayer gaming online, and the powering of a multitude of internet-connected smart home gadgets.

We like the fact that this deal costs absolutely nothing up front, too, with free activation and line rental, while the 18-month contract seems well dated and includes Plusnet's price lock promise, meaning that the £22.99 fee can not be increased, either.

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