Three 5G home broadband is here: offers unlimited data at fastest 5G speeds

Costs £35 a month

Three 5G broadband
(Image credit: Three)

Three has flipped the switch on its 5G network, bringing the speedy, low-latency home broadband online across London. With the network up-and-running, customers who sign-up to one of the 5G broadband plans can receive a router in the post that same day and get online.

You don't have to wait for an engineer to drill a hole in your wall to run any cables –  just plug-in the router and you're off to the races.

With the choice of one 5G broadband plan at £35 a month for unlimited data, Three believes its new 5G proposition is poised to really shake-up the broadband market.

Three says its 5G network means customers will be able to cancel their landline and instantly access the sort of speeds you'll typically only get with a fixed fibre broadband connection. In our time with EE 5G, this is certainly true – as long as you're in the right place since coverage is still a bit of an issue with the technology.

As long as Three has solid coverage, you'll be able to unplug your 5G router and take it with you if you're moving house, or staying in a rented property without internet. 

Heck, if one of your friends has a teeth-grindingly slow internet connection, you could take around your 5G Three router and plug it in for the afternoon to stream an Ultra HD movie, play online multiplayer games, or make an interruption-free FaceTime call, and show them what they're missing.

Three offers unlimited 5G data for £35 a month. It's a 12-month contract and same-day delivery costs £20, or you can get the router delivered for free next day.

Three CEO Dave Dyson said: "Three’s 5G is going to revolutionise the home broadband experience. No more paying for landline rental, no more waiting for engineers, and even a same day delivery option. It really is the straightforward plug and play broadband that customers have been waiting for.

"We’ve taken a simple approach with one single truly unlimited data plan to give customers the opportunity to fully explore 5G and all its exciting possibilities. The ease and immediacy of it all means  home broadband using 5G is going to be key to the future of the connected home."

(Image credit: Three)

Earlier this year, Three announced plans to roll-out 5G to 25 cities across the UK by the end of 2019. It also confirmed every one of its 10 million customers will be able to access 5G at no extra cost. Of course, they'll need to have a 5G-enabled smartphone and live in one of the 25 cities covered by the next-generation network. 

Three will continue to expand its 5G network throughout 2020 and beyond.

The UK mobile network says it will be able to offer speeds that are "at least two times" faster than rivals EE and Vodafone. Three has 140MHz of spectrum, which is more than double what its competitors possess and while speed isn't only linked to the amount of spectrum in your backpocket, it helps.

Teasing the experience that 5G will bring to its customers, Three says: "When we say fast, we mean stupid fast. Faster than lightning fast. Imagine the cleverest people in the world threw everything at it, and some. Well it's that. 

"Forget what went before – there's no comparison. This is a revolution. This is the future. All you need to do is get ready for a no-lag life. Forget buffering, FaceTime freezes or gaming dramas. Just buckle up tight for the ride of your life."

If you're interested in getting set-up with Three 5G broadband, visit the website to check your postcode area is live. You can purchase online or in-store.