T3 Hype: best tech released last week; DJI Spark, Microsoft Surface Pro, Amazon Channels, Polar A370 and more

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This week we have the DJI Spark, Microsoft Surface Pro, Amazon Channels, Polar A370 and more.

DJI Spark

Could this be the coolest drone ever created? It’s small enough to sit on your hand, can be controlled by gestures and features Full HD camera recording.

The drone goes up to 1.2 miles, flies for 16 minutes and even has built in smart movements to create cool video effects. Check all the details at the link.

DJI Spark is the tiny drone that flies from your hand gestures alone

Microsoft Surface Pro

No that name doesn’t mean this is the first Surface Pro back again, it’s the new naming convention and this is the latest in the Surface Pro tablet-cum-laptop hybrid line.

There’s a kick-ass screen, more battery life than ever, a fancy new keyboard, an updated stylus and more - check it all out at the link.

T3 Smackdown: The new Surface Pro vs the Surface Pro 4

Polar A370

Polar has launched its new A370 activity tracker this week. It’s a slim and attractive wrist dweller that tracks all day activity like steps and calories but also tracks sleep.

This beauty even shows off notifications from a connected smartphone and all for an affordable price. Find out more at the link.

Polar A370 wants to give you all-day heart rate and all-night sleep tracking

Amazon Channels

Amazon has launched a new-to-the-UK platform called Channels. This is a place where you can watch subscription channels on a monthly payment basis all streamed online.

Amazon Channels has the likes of the Discovery channel, Eurosport and more with no commitment needed. Expect even more to come soon. Find out details at the link.

Amazon Channels launches in the UK: subscription service adds movies, sports, documentaries and more

LG X Venture

If you want a tough phone that still looks good and doesn’t compromise on specs then LG’s latest X Venture could be for you.

IP68 rated, works with gloves and features a massive battery - this thing is built for the long haul. Check out more at the link.

LG X Venture is the tough phone Samsung's Galaxy S8 Active wants to be