Sleep like a pro with Fitbit's new night-time-focused utility

The fitness wearable is improving its lifestyle features

In order to improve its sleep and nighttime functions, Fitbit has introduced a raft of new tweaks and updates across its range of wearables - including the handy new Sleep Schedule feature.

The latest addition to the Fitbit app, which works in tandem with your choice of fitness tracker, the Sleep Schedule utility enables you to fully customise your sheep counting hours in order to get the most consistent and beneficial period of downtime.

Best of all, Sleep Schedule uses all the previous data your Fitbit wearable has collected on you so it can help guide you towards a much smoother and uninterrupted night's kip. The sleep-centric section of the Fitbit app has long been one of its weakest areas, so seeing these features - such as being able to set sleep goals or reminders - feels lilke this section is finally falling in line with its great fitness offerings.

Fitbit has also confirmed that the addition of Sleep Schedule is only the beginning of its nighttime feature overhaul. It's teamed up with researchers and sleep experts from University of Arizona, Johns Hopkins University and Stanford University to create more utilities that help maximise sleep and efficiency.

Via: Fitbit

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