PornHub BangFit: now you can shag yourself fitter

Tawdry grumble site soft launches bonk-based 'fitness' wearable

PornHub is making out that it's released a fitness wearable. Ha ha, we said 'making out'. It's a pathetic attempt to get clicks and online news coverage, which we're ashamed to say has worked completely.

The site, which is a Hub that specialises in Porn, has released a promotional video for the cleverly-named BangFit, which is, it says, 'The fitness method gyms don't want you to know about' (failing to add, 'because it doesn't really exist, probably.')

Looking like an ungainly mix of seatbelt and inexpensive phone case, you strap on the BangFit, and put your mobile in the phone-holding bit. You then fire up the BangFit app on both your phone and laptop and get down to some afternoon delight.

Ha ha, we said "strap on".

On your laptop you'll see a virtual single guy or girl, couple or 'ménage a trois' enjoying adult tomfoolery. Rather like Dance Dance Revolution, but with f**king, you copy the onscreen action as closely as possible to win points and exercise your main muscle groups, and penis.

BangFit is currently in beta, but will be coming later this year.

There. Happy now?