Mystery woman dumps £130,000 Apple-1 computer

She dumps antique computer at recycling centre. So is she unaware, or simply the ultimate Android fangirl?

Before you clear out your house of old gadgets, be careful, as one woman in California may have just said goodbye to $200,000.

The mystery female dropped off an old and extremely rare Apple-1 computer at a recycling plant in California. The company called CleanBayArea, noticed the rare device among the rubbish dropped off at its depot, and sold it to a private collector for $200,000. So full marks to them for noticing.

The woman dropped off the Apple 1 and other bits - according to staff, she was cleaning out her house following her husband's death.

The firm now wants to split the proceeds with the mystery lady, as its policy is to gives 50 per cent of items sold back to the original owner.

Victor Gichun, who is in charge of the recycling facility, told NBC News that the computer was one of only 200 ever produced. It originally sold for $666 back in 1976. The firm now wants to trace the woman and give her her share.

“We thought it was fake. It was real,” Gichun told NBC news. “Tell this lady to please come over to our warehouse in Milpitas again and we'll give her a check for $100,000.”

Gichun said the woman was elderly and drove an SUV, and that he would know her if he saw her again.

The computer was one of the first to be sold by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs's nascent Apple, in 1976. Wozniak built the computer by hand. It contained a whopping 4KB of memory and retailed for $666.66 - the price tag of the beast.

Only a few Apple-1 Computers still exist, and last year, one was sold at auction for over $900,000. Seriously, nothing about this story sounds real, it's more like a movie plot. Moral: be careful what you chuck out.