Mercedes-Benz has a modular plan to take down Tesla in the EV market

Interchangeable modules and a 311-mile range

Mercedes-Benz is about to delve even further into the all-electric vehicle space through a unique modular approach.

Research and development head Thomas Weber indicated to Auto Motor und Sport that the German automobile powerhouse is working on an electric car that has a standard range of up to 311 miles on one charge and will arrive “soon”.

“We are working on an intelligent concept for a highly attractive electric vehicle with a range of [228-311 miles],” said Weber.

Whilst the range is nothing to shout about, the modular nature of its EV platform could well be something unique and it will reportedly allow Mercedes-Benz to adapt the technology for any number of different vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler has been taking electric vehicles very seriously and around half of its hefty $6.4 billion research and development budget in 2014 was blown on research into low-emissions tech.

With a reported 10 new plug-in hybrid vehicles on the way before the end of 2017, it will interesting to see if there is any attempt to take on Tesla in the power department with a 'Ludicrous mode' that hits 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds.

Via: Auto Motor und Sport