Kano is the build-a-computer for kids

Back in our day, we just had Lego…

Tech literacy is to modern man what hunting was to our ancient forebears. How we transfer that skill appropriately to the next generation is the difficult question. Enter: Kano.

Kano is a build-your-own, code-your-own, colour-your-own computer designed for ease of access.

Showing its stuff off at this year's London Technology Week, the Raspberry Pi-powered kit has taken a leaf out of Lego's book and lets kids put together their PC from the ground up.

The team behind Kano say the youngest person they've had build a computer so far was just six, whilst the oldest was 81. Christmas shopping might be a bit easier this year.

Once you've connected up the motherboard and speakers, you choose a coloured case and start coding. Kano promises game design aplenty with the Pi hardware and home-grown OS – a boon to the next generation of code kiddies.

The Kano is ready for pre-order now from their website, with the device setting you back about £95.