Harman Kardon launch Apple Store exclusive CL headphones

Arriving off the back of WWDC are these premium cans...

Amidst all the excitement surrounding the new Apple MacBook Pro launch Harman Kardon have unveiled their first range of headphones via the Apple Store

Harmon Kardon has launched a slew of high-end headphones in the wake of WWDC, with the Harmon Kardon CL on-ear headphone topping the purist audiophile range.

Available now exclusively in Apple Stores on and offline, the new range is set to go toe-to-toe with B&W's P3s, Philips Fidelio F1s and of course Beats by Dre.

The on ear CL model includes two metal bows designed to accommodate different bonce sizes, and remarkably engineered swivels to adjust the position over your ears super accurately.

The swivels also allow these to fold flat after your commute, making these on-ear cans as portable as sunglasses – although the pre-production case we saw was anything but portable.

Featuring 40mm driverswith an an impressive 16-20,000 frequency response, the CLs also have a ported cabinet, which recycles audio info from the rear of the headphone, like a high-end speaker. Harmon Kardon claim that this audio trickery gives the CLs an above-average bass response and minimal sound leakage, due to 'Comply' foam that adapts to fit your head shape.

Harmon Kardon also launched two in-ear models, the Harmon Kardon NI and AE, and an over-ear Bluetooth model, the Harmon Kardon BT.

We'll have a full review of the Harmon Kardon CL on-ear headphone in days – keep an eye on Twitter and FB for up-to-the-moment details.