Broadband speeds drop 35% during 'peak' hours

Turns out the best time to surf is 3 in the morning

A survey carried out has once again revealed the distressing fact that many in the UK are getting much slower internet speeds than they're aware of..

A survey carried out by Uswitch has shown the clear discrepancies between the internet speeds we get and the time that we actually get them with the best time to use the internet being 3am.

The report was based on 2 million speed tests and shows that in fact not only are many residents not getting the speeds that they've been advertised but also that any chance they have of getting faster internet is only by surfing during completely 'off-peak' hours which in the UK's case is between 2-3 in the morning.

Uswitch found that during the peak time of 7-9pm the average broadband speed was 6.2Mbps while during 2-3am the average internet speed jumps to 9.6Mbps. This is proven further if you look at individual towns with Evesham experiencing a very healthy 15.5Mbps in the morning but when everyone gets home the average speed drops to a staggering 4.9Mbps.

Do you live in an area where your broadband comes to a halt come evening time? Let us know via the comments box below...

Source: Uswitch