BBX demo reveals BlackBerry PlayBook running Android apps

Video shows Android apps running on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0

After the BlackBerry DevCon much of the excitement has been focused on BBX, the new OS that BlackBerry plans to release, while there was talk of its Android compatibility a video has surfaced proving the rumours

A video has surfaced showing hands-on with a BlackBerry PlayBook which is running a 2.0 version of the PlayBook OS. What's important about this fact is that the user is able to access Android apps and run them fluently off the PlayBook.

The video from German website MacBerry shows an updated version of the PlayBook OS which lets users make full use of the Android-compatibility which has been rumoured ever since it was confirmed by BlackBerry. Although much of the conference contained technical presentations of the architecture of BlackBerry BBX there have been some tantalising glimpses at what the end product will be capable of.

This video for example shows a user being able to open the Amazon Kindle app for Android and then open Places, and the Android Wordpress app, all working smoothly and without any hitches on the QNX OS.

How does BBX look to you, a mix of BlackBerry and QNX can it really take on the likes of iOS? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

BlackBerry BBX Demo: Using Android apps

Source: MacBerry, Geeky Gadgets