Barclays made a contactless payment coat and it's actually pretty good

Lyle & Scott do the tailoring, bPay lets you pay with the jacket's sleeve, model provides Blue Steel

There have been plenty of"tech jackets"before. Ones with speakers in the collar; ones with headphones coming out of the hood; ones with batteries in. One thing they've had in common is they've all been hideous and they've generally been made by brands you've never heard of. But now, the unlikely combination of Lyle & Scott and Barclays has come up with one that you WOULD be seen dead in.

The mid-market lads' fashion brand makes excellent knitwear, light jackets and pulling shirts for your boys' night out. Barclays make bPay, the handy, easy-to-top-up contactless payment system. Put them together and you have the Contactless Jacket by Lyle & Scott, available in its London flagship store on swingin' Carnaby Street and also online at its swingin' web shop, daddio.

The Contactless Jacket's sleeve has a pocket on the right-hand cuff - bad luck, lefties, there's nothing for you here - that houses the bPay chip - remember to take it out when laundry time comes.

This is the same as the chip in your contactless card and allows you to make payments up to £20 with literally a wave of your hand, or at least cuff. This limit will shortly be raised to £30, because what can you get for 20 quid these days? Nothing.

Available in the Admiral Blue shown above or the slightly less attractive 'True Black', the double-faced, hooded Contactless Jacket lets make contactless payments with just a tap of the cuff on any contactless payment terminal for anything costing £30 and under at over 300,000 locations across the UK. Like so:

Barclaycard's bPay lets add funds to a 'digital wallet' from any Visa or Mastercard - ie: you don't need to be a Barclaycard customer - via its mobile app, with auto top-up also available, once your balance falls below a preset level.

The Contactless Jacket is from Lyle & Scott's new innovation team, which aims to fight crime, right injustice and 'deliver ground-breaking products and services that engage and excite customers, as well as create a culture of leading edge thinking throughout the organisation.'

The Contactless Jacket by Lyle & Scott is available now for £150.