T3 Drives: Alfa Romeo 4C Spider - driving drama with all the noise

This convertible Italian roadster is a real driver’s car

When it comes to attractive cars an open-top Italian sports roadster has to be one of the most sought-after. The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider for 2016 certainly turns heads and it's not just that yellow paint job and road-hugging drive, it sounds stunning too.

This snug two-seater feels like you're sitting just inches above the ground, making the convertible 4C Spider a great way to feel every bit of the road. This is a real driver's car that forgoes power steering to let you feel every bump to keep in control of the immense acceleration.

The car is fast, 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds fast, but that's not because of a big engine. In fact the 4C Spider only needs a 1.75-litre turbocharged four cylinder engine to dish out 237bhp. But it's not these numbers that impress, it's the 940kg weight of this carbon fibre riddled beauty that's the secret to the speed.

The automatic twin-clutch six-speed gearbox with paddle shift options make control of the power a doddle. All that with a race exhaust makes for a glorious engine noise that does the Italian car manufacturer proud.

Boot space is minimal to say the least and with the roof folded away in there it's near non-existent. But that's not what this car is about. Thanks to that lack of weight everything is balanced to perfection meaning you'll struggle to lose control of this car. A wide track and short wheel base make for a go kart like driving experience.

The feedback through the unassisted steering wheel makes the driver confident to push the limits further for exactly what you'd want in a car of this sort, a fun and confidence inspiring rush of a ride.

The price is the tough part, at nearly £60,000. This is not a very functional car with those two seats, noisy race exhaust, hard ride and minimal storage space. But it's so much fun. If you have the money to spare then this is a toy that keep on giving for every penny of its worth.

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