There will be lots of cool 4G Windows 10 devices very soon

Laptops and tablets from the big PC vendors will benefit from the Snapdragon X12, X7 and X5 modems

We will likely soon be witnessing a substantial outpouring of Windows 10 devices that support 4G LTE for superfast mobile data, thanks to Qualcomm which has just made an announcement concerning a clutch of modems.

Specifically, these are the Snapdragon X12, X7 and X5 LTE modems, which will soon be nestling in Windows 10 laptops, tablets and convertibles from all the big PC vendors, enabling LTE Advanced connections for speedy performance when you're out and about with your portable (assuming your network supports LTE-A, of course).

The X12 modem is the top-of-the-line offering, and it supports download speeds of up to 600Mbps (via 3x downlink Carrier Aggregation or CA – using spectrum from different bands to get more throughput), and uploads of up to 150Mbps (with 2x CA). Those are blistering theoretical mobile surfing speeds indeed, although of course, real-world performance will be a lot slower, depending on your network and location as ever.

The X7 offers download speeds of up to 300Mbps, and uploads of 50Mbps, and as for the X5, that boasts the same upload performance, but with download speeds cut in half to 150Mbps.

Dan Schieler, senior vice president, OEM Solutions, Sierra Wireless, commented: “LTE Advanced technology is growing in importance for both consumers and business users of the more than 80 networks around the world that have upgraded to support the significantly faster network speeds LTE Advanced provides.

“Using a Snapdragon X7 LTE modem, we are enabling LTE Advanced on the latest version of the most popular operating system worldwide, and its benefits will continue to be seen by an increasing number of people in every corner of the globe.”

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