Uber reveals new app feature: lets you get to your favourite pub faster

New 'Saved Places' feature in Uber app allows users to bookmark any favourite destination; locations can be named with emojis

Taxi-hailing company Uber has revealed a new mobile app feature called "Saved Places". The feature allows you to add custom, bookmarked, saved places to the app's map and then instantly select a destination for easier, faster calling and travel.

The news, which was revealed on Uber's blog, right now only applies to US residents on both iOS and Android platforms, however, Saved Places has been confirmed to "expand internationally later this year" so we're guessing we'll see this update soon on British shores.

Here is how Saved Places will work in Uber's own words:

"Once en route to a favorite place, riders should look for the option to save that address in the Uber feed.  To access a saved address, tap “Where to?”, and then “more saved places” and select from the list. A rider’s Saved Places will even start to show up on their home screen “shortcuts” if we predict that’s where they could be going, so they can get moving with just one tap. Riders can also name these addresses, even with emojis!"

Here at T3 Towers we think this update is a small but pretty obvious improvement that will no doubt benefit frequent riders. The ability to remove the hassle of having to remember specific addresses or spend time typing in a destination or explaining where it is repeatedly will definitely be welcome. We'll update you again when this goes live in the UK.