Three introduces 'no extra data charges' plan

Plan that makes sure you can't incur out of bundle charges

Three have continued their ongoing trend of being a company that likes to keep things simple by offering a plan that stops you going over the limit

Three are introducing a new range of monthly smartphone plans that will offer customers the chance to have data yet never worry about going over their data allowance.

The Essential Internet Plans give you 5000 texts, a choice of 100, 300 or 500 minutes and 250MB of data. Ok, so that's not a lot, but it's essentially designed for those people that have just started out with a smartphone or don't use much data.

The ingenius bit however is when you start reaching your data limit, Three will text you warning that you're about to go over and then if you do reach your limit then they'll simply cut off your data usage making it impossible to incur charges.

If you decide you want more then you can easily add bundles of 250MB for £2 or unlimited for £5 and they'll last for 30-days.

At present it's only available on these plans, whether or not they'll bring it to larger data plans remains to be seen, either way it looks to be a start in the right direction.

What do you think, would you rather incur charges or simply have your internet cut off until you top it up?