Samsung thinks QLED will be crowned king of TV tech

Screens are also sexier with a more unified UI.

Earlier today Samsung announced its new TV lineup with ‘QLED’ technology. QLED will replace SUHD at the flagship range.

There are three QLED models, the Q9F, Q8C, and the Q7. The ‘F’ and ‘C’ refer to flat and curved. Each model comes in 55, 65, 75 and 88-inch sizes.

What is QLED? We hear you ask. 

It’s nothing new, per se, but it’s a term Samsung is using to refer to Quantum Dot LED technology. The company has wrapped Quantum Dots in a new metal alloy, which leads to better brightness, colour and viewing angles.

The new QLED televisions now peak at 2000 nits, and Samsung claims its new they’ll cover 100% of the DCI colour gamut found on most 4K Blu-rays. There’s also more even blacklighting.

Away from the display technology, the overall aesthetic has been revised with a sleeker design, and a “practically invisible” optical cable helps to solve the issue of unsightly cords and clutter that can be found in the home with a sleek, single cord system.

The OS has also been given a refresh, with a more unified experience for customers and more integration with smartphones. 

There’s no word on pricing yet, but we can expect the new QLED screens to hit the shelves around March.

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