Now you can control your home by talking to your Android TV

Google Assistant just arrived on Android TV

Google has announced that its Android TV platform now has the artificially intelligent Google Assistant on board. That means not only voice controlling the TV but you can now bark orders at your smarthome too. 

Initially the Google Assistant on Android TV is on the Nvidia Shield TV in the US. But the AI will roll out to smart TVs with Android TV soon, including Sony televisions. 

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So what can the power of your voice command? At its most simple you can ask the TV for what to watch and it will go find it. For example ask for a specific show ad it'll search Netflix, YouTube and beyond to find and play it. Then check your calendar, the weather and more with questions alone. 

Beyond that you can use Android TV’s Google Assistant to control smart lighting - ideal for when you want to settle in for a film. You can also turn your TV into a speaker for playing music via services like Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube and more. 

Google hasn't given specific dates on rollout but expect wider controls and more brands to get Google Assistant on their Android TV platforms soon. 

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