Nintendo TV comes to 3DS

Launches with limited edition white Nintendo 3DS as a prize

Nintendo TV is making the journey to Nintendo's 3D handheld after 60 episodes and a lot of motion controlled action on the NIntendo Wii and it'll be shot in 3D

Nintendo's monthly news broadcast on all things games-related Nintendo TV is finally making the transition to Nintendo's latest handheld the Nintendo 3DS.

After more than 60 episodes on the Wii's Nintendo Channel, NintendoTV will now be available to stream in 3D from the Nintendo eShop.
Each new episode will feature exclusive 3D gameplay and behind the scenes features, and because it's all filmed in 3D the experience should be seamless.

The first episode which is available now, features 3D gameplay from Nintendo's games of the month which will include Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, there'll also be action from Super Pokemon Rumble and FreakyForms.

To celebrate the launch of Nintendo TV in 3D the first episode will come from the Mario Kart 7 launch even in London and to add a sweetner they'll also be giving away limited edition 'Ice White' Nintendo 3DS consoles and some free games as well.

Nintendo TV coming to 3DS trailer