Logitech wants your smart devices to work in perfect Harmony

Home hub, remote controls and smartphone apps join the Harmony line-up

Logitech wants to help control your entire home and is tasking its Harmony technology to do so.

The new lineup, which was announced at IFA 2015, centres on the Harmony Hub that is designed to give you the power to control anything within the home and is complemented by a range of other gadgets to make your home smarter than ever.

In the Harmony Hub, Logitech has created a small box that connects all the smart devices around your home to an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. So whether you want to turn up the heating, change the TV channel or lock the doors, you won't need anything more than your smartphone.

Logitech's convenience drive doesn't end there. The Harmony Companion is a simplified remote designed to offer to same control as the mobile app so that the smart home hub can be controlled when you aren't there with smartphone in hand.

For an even more advanced remote control experience, the Harmony Elite is a universal remote complete with a colour touchscreen that can be paired with up to 15 entertainment devices and be used to control every product in your smart home. There's even the new Harmony 950 remote that is simply a universal remote without the smart home capabilities for those that want to use one remote to control everything.

Anyone thinking that Logitech should stick to the PC peripheral game needn't worry. Partnerships have already been signed with the likes of Nest, Philips Hue and Sonos and, with a library of 270,000 devices plugged into the Harmony ecosystem, this is an attractive cross platform offering.

Look out for the products as they will be landing over the next month just in time for you to control the Xmas lights!

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