LG unveils 18-inch flexible TV

Prototype can be rolled up into a 3cm tube; promises 60-inch screens by 2017

Remember when LG first announced that it had made a major breakthrough in flexible displays? It was a while ago now, wasn't it.

The LG G Flex was the first product to benefit from those new flexible displays. However, since then, we haven't really heard anything from LG about what it is doing with flexible display since then.

Well, LG Displays yesterday revealed that it has been able to create an 18-inch OLED panel that has enough give that it can be rolled into a tube just 3cm in diameter. That's pretty impressive considering this is a TV screen we're talking about.

According to LG Display, the current prototype has a resolution of 1,200 by 810 pixels. As for how it's made, it has a polymide film on the back of the panel instead of plastic. Why is that important? Well, it's the key to the flexibility – and as if that wasn't enough, it also means the panel is even thinner than normal.

However, an 18-inch TV isn't normally something consider exciting. Even if it is that flexible you could roll it up and take it with you to a summer festival, it isn't really going to cut it as a main TV (and hey, at the price it'll probably launch at, it's almost certainly going to be staying put in your living room).

The good news is that LG Display's senior vice president and head of research and development In-Byung Kang is confident his company will be churning out 60-inch versions of the screen in three years.

Speaking to Engadget, Kang said that he is confident that “by 2017, we will successfully develop an Ultra HD flexible and transparent OLED panel of more than 60 inches.”

That should give you sometime to save up for it then.

Source: Engadget