Bridge begone: Sonos reveals WiFi-friendly 5.1 update

Your spiffing Sonos hi-fi system can now run cable-free

A long-time annoyance for Sonos owners was their sound system's reliance on the cabled-up Sonos Bridge. Well we've got some good news...

Sonos has just launched Sonos 5.1, a sizeable software update that finally lets you run your Sonos system on your home WiFi network.

This means Sonos devotees will no longer need a Sonos Bridge wired up to their router - everything will just work through the magic of WiFi.

"Everything we do is built on the belief that listening to your music at home should be as easy as possible without compromising on our legendary sound quality," says Sonos.

"Through software, we are able to continuously improve Sonos - making it easier, faster and more flexible for all, including those unboxing Sonos in their homes for the very first time."

The basic idea is that you dot a bunch of Sonos speakers around your home, pair them all with your smartphone, connect everything to the WiFi network, and become a bona fide multi-room DJ.

You can then play your own music, or make use of Sonos friendly services like Google Play Music, Spotify, or SoundCloud.

The Californian firm has been beta testing the update over the past few months, and says the new WiFi-friendly setup meets its 'high standards'.

It's worth noting that there's still an option to use a wired router connection with the new software update - for instance if your home WiFi network signal doesn't reach every room in the house where you might want to put a speaker.

Sonos also teased a wireless accessory, the Sonos Boost, which it says is an alternative to the Sonos Bridge.

The new device will be available later this year, and should launch in the coming months.

Details are still light for now, with Sonos remaining expectedly tight-lipped on the new wares.