How many Apple Watches have flown off the shelves?

Triumph or gigantic flop for Apple?

Apple's quarterly financial results are out, but they still don't answer the key question - just how manyApple Watcheshave been sold?

Apple has lumped the Watch into the 'other' category which includes the iPod, Beats and Apple TV - which is about a much use to everyone as a chocolate teapot.

What Apple did tell us is that sales in the 'other' category were up 56%. Now, that isn't really hard considering the category compromises of several different devices, and the Watch is an entirely new device. The general consensus is that Apple has shifted between 2.5 million and 3 million Apple Watch's, which if you compare to the iPhone is a small speck of the tech giant's total sales.

According to the BBC, Apple chiefs said: “We made a decision back in September not to disclose the shipments of the watch.” They went on to say “It was not a matter of being transparent it was a matter of not giving your competition insight on a product we've worked hard on."

Whether that's the case, or whether Apple is hiding low sale figures to avoid people loosing confidence is another matter.

How are other Apple Products faring?

Apple sold 47.5 million iPhone units in the past 3 months, which is up 35 per cent this time last year. Again this is not surprising as the iPhone 6 - released last September - was the most popular iPhone to date, replacing the lacklustre 5S.

Unfortunately for Apple, sales of the iPad are down for the 6th consecutive quarter. This could be due to the iPhone 6 Plus stealing the limelight with its whopping screen, but it's also a statement on the tablet market. Those who want have already got one. And once people have one, they're happy with it for a long while.

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