Apple’s new A12 iPhone X processor just got leaked with an amazing feature

This will clearly be the fastest chip yet for Apple but it might be more power efficient, too

Apple’s new A12 iPhone X processor

Apple should unveil its range of new iPhone X and iPhone SE (2018) handsets for 2018 later this year where it will apparently show off a new chip, the A12, which has just leaked.

The new A12 chips have, according to sources familiar with the matter, gone into production already – so we can expect to see them appear in this year’s iPhones.

The A12 chips are being manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing which should be churning out these beauties with a mind boggling 7-nanometer design. That’s a big jump forward from the 10-nanometer chips found in the current iPhone 8 and iPhone X models.

This new smaller architecture means the perfect combination of more processing power and more efficiency. So that should mean this next-gen range of phones are not only quicker than current models but they’ll be more battery efficient, too.

That battery efficiency could be very useful for the rumoured iPhone XL which will be Apple’s largest phone display at 6.5-inches – although that should be efficient with an OLED screen. The other rumoured new iPhone X is a 6.1-inch LCD model, so that may require battery savings from the chip as that extra less-energy-efficient screen space chews through the juice.

Samsung is also working on chips with this same technique and said it will roll them out this year. Perhaps this could be what we see appear in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 later in 2018.