Free Wi-Fi access: Strangest places to get online

Weirdest Wi-Fi spots you may not know about

When you need to stay connected all the time and your 3G is letting you down, we take a look at some of the more unusual places to get online

No 3G signal? we've all been there. That's when the trusty Wi-Fi hotspot comes in handy. Cafes and restaurants are fast becoming common ground for Wi-Fi access when your 3G lets you down, but there are also a few other places you can get on the net that you probably wouldn't expect.

As Toby Carvery and Harvester restaurants become the latest free Wi-Fi recipient Helping you stay connected, we found the strangest places to grab some free Wi-Fi, because you never know when you really need to check on that Twitter feed...

Virgin Galactic

The brochure for the Virgin Galactic space flights state that after paying the £200,000 ticket price you will experience “Instant silence. Instant weightlessness. Instant elation.” You'll also get a free Wi-Fi access for some in-flight web browsing.


It's an establishment where we expect speedy service, but if your Big Mac and fries is taking a longer than anticipated, you can check in on Facebook while you wait. Additionally, there's also a McDonald's iPhone app which tells tells you which restaurants have free Wi-Fi access.

Stena Line

Sea sickness sufferers can bury themselves in the web now that Stena Line ferries come with free Wi-Fi access for all its passengers. Available on all Superferries, you can search the internet on your crossing to keep your mind off the trip. Stena Line also provides free Wi-Fi on its Ulsterbus coaches which travels around the UK.


The supermarket giant has recently announced that customers will be able to access Wi-Fi whilst visiting their stores. The new service means that customers will be able to compare prices and read about reviews as they shop. If that isn't good enough, it is there to keep you entertained whilst being dragged around the supermarket.

London pubs

If you're a BT customer, you can get online for free in over 100 London pubs as part of partnership with Heineken. By gaining access to the "Heineken Hub" you'll be able to get access to content from UK daily newspaper 'i' all while your sipping a cool alcoholic beverage.

Camp sites

The lovely people at Polstead Camping and Caravan Club site in Suffolk appear to have really of got to grips with what the modern day camper is ooking for by providing free Wi-Fi access on their site. What could be better than on a wet, windy and cold British summer's day than to sit cosily in your tent or caravan with the internet at your disposal to keep you company?

Oak Grove Cemetary

Wireless access in a cemetery? That is exactly what they have done at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Kentucky, America. However the hotspot wasn't installed randomly but has been set up to aid visitors with their genealogy research. Apparently the cemetery contains a fair few famous people and the access to Wi-Fi enables them to locate and research the high-profile faces that are no longer with us.