The Walmart Halloween sale has some scary-good deals for you

From a life-size animated Pennywise to pumpkin pinatas, Walmart will help you transform your home on 31 October

Walmart Halloween sale
(Image credit: Walmart)

Halloween is approaching and that means it will soon be time to pick out your costume and decorate your home for a fun, spooky night – whether you're hosting a party or expecting the neighborhood kids to come trick or treating.

The Walmart Halloween Party Shop has everything you need for a fun and festive night, whether that's decorations for your home, scary bakeware, Halloween pinatas or costumes for the little ones, and many items are part of the rollback promotion.

We've listed a selection of the items in the promotion below. All deals are live now.

5ft Full Body Skeleton | Was $107.95 | Now $42.95
This 5 ft skeleton features moveable joints so you can position it wherever you like in your Halloween party set-up and it's under half price right now making it a spookily good deal.View Deal

Animated Pennywise Decoration (6 ft) | Was $224.20 | Now $194.88
Is your life missing a 6 ft animated Pennywise? Then fill that void for under $200. This animated Halloween figure makes its own scary sounds and when not in use, collapses for space-efficient storage.View Deal

Nightmare Before Christmas Wall Hanging | Was $31.38 | Now $12.63
Showcase your love of this 1993 classic with the Disney Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" Wall Hanging Decor. This 50-inch wide by 30-inch high piece features the beloved pumpkin king, looking frightfully dashing in his pinstriped suit. Makes a great addition to other Halloween-themed decor.

Pumpkin Halloween Pinata | Was $15.99 | Now $12.99
This 12.5-inch Halloween pinata is shaped like a jack-o-lantern. Fill it with up to 2 pounds of candy and treats, hang it somewhere secure, and then take turns to try to smash the pumpkin to release the treats.
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Natural Creepy Cloth | Was $11.15 | Now $4.66
Drape this aged-looking gauze throughout your Halloween party to dress up your Halloween props, decorate your hanging skeletons and add creepy character to your doorways and banisters.

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Pumpkin Glow Halloween Window Cling Sheet | Was $3.50 | Now $2.29
Transform your window into a jack-o-lantern jamboree with these pumpkin vinyl window decals which depict glowing, grinning pumpkins. Easy to apply with no adhesive necessary.View Deal

Pack of 567 Glowing Sticks | Was $23.99 | Now $20.99
From skull shaped eyeglasses to luminous flower balls that can be thrown around, this mega bundle of glow stick party favors will provide hours of light-up fun for your party. Features 250 glow sticks, 250 bracelet connectors and 67 other connectors.View Deal

25 Pack Blood Energy Drink Bag | Was $46.98 | Now $29.99
A perfect prop for Halloween, these 'blood' bags are made of food grade PVC material so you can put your favorite color drinks in them. Tasteful, eh?View Deal

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