Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo is top running shoe at T3 Awards 2019

Streamlined, lightweight running shoe beats off competition from Adidas, ASICS and other Nikes

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

Amazing scenes as you join us here on day 1 of the  T3 Awards 2019 – the 'Olympics of Tech', as many people call it. And our winner in the Best Running Shoes category is Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo. It's a super lightweight shoe, but not as intimidatingly minimalist as the Nike 4% range, which is primarily designed for extremely speedy Kenyans.

This upgraded Pegasus boasts ZoomX foam, which first featured in the aforementioned VaporFly 4% shoe, and was designed as a key weapon in Nike’s 'Breaking2' plan to crack the 2-hour barrier across a marathon distance. In fact, this Pegasus was the first time that the tech really trickled down for use by mere mortals.

The result was a stunningly slick pair of shoes, built for use every day, but capable of slicing seconds from your personal bests. As well as being named after a flying horse, they also look pretty fly, in a variety of colourways. Running shoes have definitely got a lot sexier in recent years, and Pegasus Turbo are a great example of that.   

The ZoomX foam gives energy return that can rival even Adidas' much-loved Boost soles, but in a lighter shoe – just 238g in a size 9. On the road, it's fantastic, but raised rubber sections on the sole make it versatile enough to carry you further and faster on various less pristine surfaces. The fit is wonderfully secure, thanks to Nike's Flywire system – 'incredibly strong cables that work together with the laces to wrap your midfoot and arch for snug, adjustable support,' while, 'the heel collar tapers away from your Achilles for long-distance comfort.'

As well as cushioning and versatility, Zoom Pesagsus Turbo offers great responsiveness, helped by a bevelled heel and rubber outsole strip. These help you ensure a good landing and smooth transition, every step of the way.

For longer runs and daily use alike, Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo suits a wide range of runner types. That's why it's won Best Running Shoe at the T3 Awards 2019. And now, the national anthems…

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