Want to half-charge your smartphone in five minutes? Huawei has you covered

Chinese tech giant is working on two prototypes that could quick charge your devices with lithium-ion batteries

Creating a battery that offers a fast charge without losing capacity is a hot topic for smartphone manufacturers, and that perfect equilibirium between speed and stability remains something of an elusive dream - well not for Chinese telecommunications giant, Huawei. The fim, which normally produces phones for Google, has just revealed a series of lithium-ion batteries that could have your smartphone juiced up in no time.

So how does it all work? According to the research team at Huawei, the lithium-ion battery uses a graphite-coated anode (an electrode that carrys a current into a polarized electrical device, such as those found in your smartphone). The smaller of the two prototypes, which isn't quite powerful enough to fully charge a phone at the moment, was still reportedly able to charge it from zero to around 50% in five minutes. A larget model, which Huawei claims can provide up to ten hours of talk time, can charge your dog and bone from zero to 68% in just two minutes - although this one remains a little too big for commerical use.


Sadly, there is a catch. The battery needs a bespoke (and slightly chunky) adaptor to make it work so the whole design isn't quite small enough to fit inside your smartphone and other slim devices, but considering how much research has been pumped into this problem will little to no results, Huawei's new batteries are a promising glimpse of the future.