UE Roll: The colourful speaker that clips to your Speedos

People will certainly see you coming

The sun is out, which means it's time to hit the beach, and hence play some tunes while you're out. Do you really want another blocky Bluetooth speaker that looks like a shoe? Wouldn't you rather take the UE Roll with you?

It has a disc shape, which means it looks like it could double as a frisbee. But don't start flinging it about, you might hurt its techy innards.

It's not just the bright colour schemes that make it ideal for the beach. It's also waterproof in one metre of water for up to half an hour. Which is more than long enough to get cold.

You won't have to sit it on a lilo either – it can clip to your swimming costume or trunks using the bungee cord on the back. So wherever you go, you'll take your tunes with you. Better load up some suitably impressive entrance music. And hope no one pulls it back and pings you in the tweeters.

You don't have to clip it to yourself of course. You can Bluetooth tunes to it from 20 feet away, or connect it to your phone using an auxiliary cable. Using the app, you can link multiple Rolls for beefier sound. Hope the sunbathers next to you understand.

The app also lets you adjust the equaliser settings, to fine-tune the sound, and set an alarm. Even if your phone dies, the Roll will store a song on its internal memory, so will still wake you up. Unless it dies too. But with a nine-hour battery life, you should be golden.

It's on sale now and costs £100. Let's hope the good weather lasts.