Here's a 3D printer you can strap to your back and take anywhere

The Ultimaker 2 Go might be chunky, but you can now take one wherever

3D printing is going through something of a creative growth spurt at the moment - whether it be printers that can create something as small as human blood vessels, or a device that's actually made up of mostly 3D-printed parts, the technology seems to be evolving faster than Pokédex of an enthusiastic Pokémon Go player.

Ultimaker, the Dutch-startup famous for creating a 3D printer not out of 3D-printed parts (which is fast becoming the norm) but rather laser-cut plywood (which is much easier and cheaper to produce), has decided its current iteration, the Ultimaker 2 Go should be given the portable treatment. So now it's got a backpack!

The foam backpack, which has been designed to be as lightweight as possible while offering protection for that £1,200-£1,700 3D printer on your back. Ultimaker says it created the transport solution to give its users, such as those using for educational purposes, to have a safe way to move it from one site to another.

"The Ultimaker 2 Go is designed for life on the move," comments Ultimaker on its official website. "It is incredibly lightweight and yet has all the accuracy and reliability of its bigger brothers. It's intuitive and prepares everything for print in no time. And thanks to its size, it's printed really fast too."

Using the company's unique software creation, 3DprinterOS (an open-source operating system made specifically for 3D printing), the Ultimaker 2 Go might still be chunky but it's been slimmed down a little to make it less of an impractical ask. Just don't expect to fit onto a busy bus or train first thing in the morning!

Via: Ultimaker

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