Our favourite Samsung Galaxy S10 deal gives you 30GB data for just over £30pm

If you're looking to pre-order Samsung's latest Galaxy S10 phone, here's the best deal we've found

This great Samsung S10 pre-order deal from EE gives you Samsung’s latest Galaxy S10 with unlimited calls and texts, and 30GB data, for a monthly cost of just £33pm

You'll have to stump up £290 upfront (although you can use the code 10OF to knock £10 off that initial cost) but EE is the UK’s fastest 4G network, so if you can afford the higher initial outlay this is a great deal. In fact, it’s one of our favourite Samsung S10 deals so far, working out at a total cost over 24 months of £1,072. 

Alternatively, O2's version of the deal has a much lower upfront payment – £175 – but comes with slightly higher monthly payments – £38/pm – and works out a few quite more expensive over the two-year contract: £1,077. (Again, you can  save £10 on the upfront cost with the code 10OFF.) 

To sweeten the deal, if you pre-order either offer before 7 March 2019, you can claim a free pair of wireless Galaxy earbuds worth £139 on the Samsung app. (You can read the full T&Cs here.) And if you pre-order before 7am on 8 March, Mobiles will also enter you into a competition to win a £1,000 Curry PC World gift-card.

Samsung Galaxy S10 | EE | £280 upfront (with 10OFF code) | 30GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £33pm
We think the best Galaxy S10 preorder deal right now though is this one from EE. As we’ve said, EE is the UK's fastest 4G network – and thanks to that upfront payment, your monthly bills will be just £33pm. Total cost over 24 months: £1,072View Deal

Samsung Galaxy S10 | O2 | £165 upfront (with 10OFF code) | 30GB data | Unlimited texts and calls | £38pm
You’ll get monthly payments for under £40 with this deal from Mobiles.co.uk. With unlimited texts and calls, and a healthy 30GB data, this is our favourite S10 pre-order offer so far thanks to its lower upfront costs. And as an extra bonus, you’ll be entered into a draw to win £1,000. Total cost over 24 months: £1,077View Deal