As Prime Day comes to an end, I'm about to buy LED lights

Cheap, but not nasty

Prime Day LED lights
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With just a few hours left to spend some of your money during Amazon Prime Day there are a few deals that might be worthy of a quick speculative buy. I've been testing a Govee floor lamp recently, and I like the app and software, and as luck would have it there are some Prime Day deals happening right now, so before I hit my bargain booze, I'm going LED light shopping. 

For me, the LED strip story has history. I’m soon going to be redecorating an aging room in my house, and I’d like to do something interesting with LED strips. I’m thinking at the moment I may get some uplighting coving, which is like regular coving, but mounted lower down the wall and with a channel for LED strips, which can then produce a sexy strip of light around your room. Honestly, it’s not as naff as I’ve made it sound. 

Govee has a few LED strips that can help with this, and there are other brands out there too that offer similar. It might be the last thing I buy this year, after spending my pocket money on more than I expected to. So far I’ve bought a Lowepro camera bag (opens in new tab), an Xbox controller (opens in new tab)and an Instant Pot (opens in new tab)

LED light strip deals

Here are some of the LED lighting deals I'm looking at as Amazon Prime Day 2021 draws to a close. 

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Govee Alexa LED Lights 5m | Was £23.99 | Now £15.35 | Save £8.64 (opens in new tab)
With support for Alexa, Google Assistant and Govee's own app, these LED lights are bright and colourful and are ideal if you're cheering up a kids room. There's also a 10m strip for £27.99 (opens in new tab) if you need more light and colour. 

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Govee TV LED Backlight | Was £11.99 | Now £9.59 | 20% discount, Save £2.40 (opens in new tab)
Don't expect a Philips Ambilight TV experience here, but having a light fixed to the back of your TV can actually help with contrast, giving a better-looking image. Pick your colour with the app and fits TVs up to 60-inches (up to three sides).

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LIFX Lightstrip 2 m, Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Strip | Was £79.99 | Now £54.99 | Save £25 (opens in new tab)
If you're in the market for a bit more control, LED superstars LIFX have this 2m strip that allows you to define colour zones. You can add extensions for £17.49 that will give you more length. Expensive, but classy.

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