Nothing Phone event invites just arrived – and they are everything

My Nothing invitation arrived in the post and it's full of hints at what to expect from the 12 July reveal phone reveal

Nothing Phone 1 event invite 2022
(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

It's pretty rare I'd write anything about an event invite. But then Nothing, the brand which has been building buzz and momentum for months now, dropped its invite for the Nothing Phone (1) – and now I'm even more excited about the most hyped phone launch of 2022. It's not just me: other T3-ers have also 'got excited about Android phones again'.

The invitation, which arrived in a translucent envelope with Nothing dot-constructed letters wrapping around it, comprises three pieces: a translucent invitation letter from founder Carl Pei; an A2 poster of a colourful parrot, in sync with Nothing's campaign for Phone (1); and an A4 card with an indented cut-out of what I can only assume is a to-scale imprint of a Phone (1). You can see images of the lot in the gallery below (noting that critical contact information has been removed using Photoshop).

There's lots of things to adsorb here: primarily it's down to the translucent white materials used. The Phone (1)'s unique selling point, as seen in various teases that have made T3 more excited about this handset than the incoming iPhone 14, is its transparent rear and structure of lights, which are said to illuminate in different ways for different reasons – whether as notifications or when reverse wireless charging, as examples. You can see on the white 'imprint page' in the gallery above exactly where these lights will feature. 

Excerpts from the included 'Return To Instinct' letter read: "Phew, Phone (1) is finally here. For this special moment, we'd love to have you at our event in London. Celebrate with us and a select group of our community and friends." It also confirms the 12 July launch date at a secret London location. 

Nothing Phone 1 event invitation 2022

(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

I'm equally excited about the Nothing Phone (1) launch as it'll be a nice distraction from Amazon Prime Day. Sure, there'll be loads of great deals on Prime Day, but I'll gladly take Nothing's phone launch and invest all my energy into that, rather than money into Amazon's coffers. Sure means 12th July is going to be one hectic but fun day, and I hope you're all just as excited as I am about this phone launch.

Plus it's not everyday I'm sent an A2 poster of a colourful parrot. So that's already made my day, possibly week – and that's before even getting the actual phone in my hand!

Mike Lowe
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