This heat seeking camera lets you see in the dark with your phone

Thermal imaging on my phone? Yes please

A heat seeking camera is now available in the UK so you can have night vision on the phone in your pocket, and with every new phone feature getting us a little closer to becoming a fully fledged spy, this new camera brings it even closer to reality by allowing you to see in the dark.

Thermal imaging cameras aren't a new technology, but this is the first that is cheap enough to stuff inside your smartphone, but sadly it's currently just a seperate accessory that you can plug in.

It's a new camera called the Seek that slots into either the microUSB socket on an Android device or the lightning connector on your iPhone, and makes it easier to track hot objects such as a lost dog when you're out for a walk.

So many uses

It doesn't look like it takes up much room when you're holding it, and the screen shows the image from the camera through a dedicated app.

It's got an impressive detection range as well from -40 degrees celsius to 330 degrees celsius and it has a 20 to 36 degree field of view.

Plus it can even find heat sources as close as eight inches or as far away as 2,000 feet. There's no battery on board so it may suck up the energy from your phone though.It is now available in the UK from Amazon for £260 if you want your smartphone to make you feel a little more like Bond.

Via Wired