Swedish House Mafia's Ingrosso and DJ Alesso live DJ set coming to Spotify

Soundrop app to host first interactive live DJ set via Spotify

Not just a live DJ set Swedish House Mafia's Ingrosso and producer DJ Alesso will be getting social with the Spotify Soundrop app

Swedish House Mafia's Sebastian Ingrosso and DJ Alesso have teamed up with Spotify and Soundrop to host the first interactive live DJ set on Spotify with the world famous DJ pair playing a full interactive set.

Setting themselves apart from the norm the live set will see listeners be able to vote for the next track they want to hear via the Soundrop app on Spotify, the DJs can then tailor the set.

Not content with a personalised DJ set both DJs will be chatting to the crowd as well as playing their next single 'Calling'. The set will kick off on the 1st June at 7pm BST.

The Soundrop app normally works by listeners choosing a genre they like and then either suggesting songs for the live playlist or voting for songs others have chosen creating a unique way of listening to new music.

Building up hype for the event is the Facebook event page which will be interacting with listeners and inviting newcomers to get involved with the upcoming party.