Personalise your laptop or phone with high-res Gorilla Glass prints

Vibrant Gorilla Glass is the name of the game

Corning has revealed its designed a new technique that will enable it to print high resolution images straight onto something as crisp and unusual as its very own creation, Gorilla Glass. This, in turn, could lead to customised faceplates and backplates a plenty.

The glass and ceramics manufacturer from New York has been working on the process for a long time, and while the firm isn't willing to reveal just how it managed to pull the creative feat off, it did confirm to Engadget that the ability to print on materials such as Google Glass wouldn't be possible with traditional printing methods.

Known as Vibrant Gorilla Glass, the new material would enable companies to have logos and brand logos printed directly onto the front of laptops or the back of company smartphones. Corning says the process can also be scaled up and down, meaning you could easily get a customised backplate designed for your new smartphone of choice. That way you could make your device of choice a one of a kind item.

Corning says its already sending out samples to customers, so don't be surprised to see Vibrant Gorilla Glass doing the rounds in the very near future.

Via: Engadget

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