Cheap SIM only deal: iD Mobile delivers 10GB of data for £8/month!

iD Mobile drops incredibly cheap SIM only deal as part of its Summer of Loads sale

iD Mobile SIM only deals
(Image credit: iD Mobile)

iD Mobile is known for offering stunning SIM Only deals and they have a new limited-time promotion on offer as part of their Summer of Loads campaign. There's a lot of different perks on offer, the most notable being 10GB of data for £8/month, the lowest price in the UK.

The Summer of Loads promotion runs from July 17, which is today, until August 11, so you only have a limited window for making sure you don't miss out. If you're an NHS worker, the news is even better: you can make use of unlimited data for free until October 9.

The deals do what they say on the tin: loads of data, very low price. The reason the deals are so cheap is because iD Mobile is basically doubling the amount of data available while keeping the price the same. So, for example, you used to get 5GB data for £8/month and now you get 10GB. It's a pretty stunning offer in our view.

On top of bumping up the amount of data on offer, there are a few other notable perks from iD Mobile: unused data can be rolled over from month-to-month, meaning you'll never run out (the opposite, in fact); contract are one month only, giving you the ultimate flexibility; data works the same in over 50 countries worldwide; and you can easily cap your data usage to avoid charges.

iD Mobile SIM | One month contract | 10GB data (usually 5GB) | Unlimited texts and calls| £8 per month | Available from iD Mobile (opens in new tab)
The best value deal for most people in our view, with 10GB of data for just £8/month, which can then be rolled over if you don't use it all. No other UK carrier offers so much data for so little money, so don't miss out. 

iD Mobile SIM | One month contract | 24GB data (usually 12GB) | Unlimited texts and calls | £12 per month | Available from iD Mobile (opens in new tab)
The same as the above, except with more data for slightly more money, but this is still a fantastic deal, especially if you feel like you'll plough through 10GB easily. 

iD Mobile SIM | One month contract | 50GB data (usually 20GB)  | Unlimited texts and calls | £15 per month | Available from iD Mobile (opens in new tab)
If you're willing to splash a bit more cash then this could be the deal for you: 50GB data, which is loads, for just £15/month. Most UK carriers wouldn't give you a 10th of the data for that much, making this a pretty unbeatable deal.

iD Mobile SIM | One month contract | 100GB data (usually 50GB) | Unlimited texts and calls | £20 per month | Available from iD Mobile (opens in new tab)
Closing out the selection, this one is for the most hardcore data users. Who else could possible need 100GB per month? If that sounds like you, you're in luck.

So, if you're in the market to spice up your SIM Only life – and especially if you're an NHS worker – then iD Mobile is running some fantastic deals for a limited time. 

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