Gruber: iPod touch getting Retina Display and cameras

Details slip while slating Dell Streak

Daring Fireball man with impeccable Apple credentials hands over new iPod touch info.

Details on the new iPod touch have been swirling for weeks. But until now, top-line specs haven’t come from anyone with such impeccable Apple knowledge as John Gruber.

The Daring Fireball man let slip Apple’s plans after Dell announced its pricing for the Streak Stateside, starting at $300 with a two year contract, or $550 up front. Waxing lyrical about the pricing, Gruber said, “That's almost twice as much as a good iPod Touch, and if you wait a few weeks to buy the Touch, you'll get one with a Retina Display and dual cameras. If Dell can't make an iPod Touch competitor, who can?”

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There’s still no word on whether the main camera will match the 5 megapixels inside the iPhone 4, or stick with the 3.2MP found in the iPhone 3GS. Either way, it seems FaceTime is a dead cert’ after leaked images showed the front facing camera in all its glory.

Gruber almost always calls Apple kit correctly, nailing the recent release of the Magic TrackPad and new Mac Pro days before they got the nod from Steve Jobs.

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Via MacRumors