Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless review: top running headphones with 5 min quick charge

Updated: Great battery life mean these are excellent running headphones despite the high price

T3 Verdict

The Powerbeats3 are well made, sound good and have impressive battery life. But if thre is a sticking point then it is the price.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Excellent sound

  • +

    Great battery life

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not the best fit

  • -

    Less costly options are available

We recently looked at the Beats X, but warned they weren't for everybody. Specifically, they are not for runners. 

So enter the Powerbeats3, designed for running but with many of the same benefits as the Beats X. 

Like the Beats X, the Powerbeats3 come complete with Apple’s W1 chip, for easy connection to your iOS device. 

This also brings a longer-reaching, stable connection and we've also seen it appear on other products such as the awesome AirPods

However, Beats products generally try and be as platform agnostic as possible, so as well as Bluetooth connectivity you also get a microUSB charging port instead of a Lightning one. 

 The Powerbeats3 have a rich sound, the bass is full, although it can sometimes overwhelm. That's not to say the headphones don't have mids and highs aplenty, but they can get a little trapped behind the bass.

They offer a good overall sound though and if you enjoy listening to dancier tunes on your run then you won't go wrong, 

You can also charge them up for 5 minutes and get an hour's play out of them – very handy at times. The battery generally lasts 10-12 hours 

The buds are housed on long plastic parts, which connect to your ears with rubberised hooks. The seal in the ear is OK, but some won't find it THAT comfortable and noise isolation isn’t perfect. 

Battery life is excellent, lasting between four to five days before needing a charge - that's also a hallmark of other Apple W1-toting devices. 

Good build quality is something we expect from Apple products, and the Powerbeats3 offer just that – and they should for this price. 

T3 Verdict

There's a lot to like here, the sound is great, the battery life is decent and you can adjust the fit to make them snug, even if this doesn't always last.