Amazon Kindle DX review and hands-on video

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Hands-on video with Amazon's biggest 9.7-inch reader

Can the new Kindle challenge the iPad for ebook supremacy

With the Apple iPad hoping to jump up and down on its toes, Amazon's dominance of the ebook market is under serious threat for the first time.

The Kindle DX is the company's largest and newest reader to date, with a massive 9.7-inch screen (up from six inches on the Kindle 2), larger keyboard, double the memory at 4GB and battery life that has been improved to a week.

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Even though Amazon has unveiled a swish looking Kindle app for the iPad, it's hoping customers will stay faithful to its simplistic device and put faith in the smoothness of the buying experience and free 3G for over the air downloads of the latest titles.

There's no sign of a colour, touchscreen Kindle yet, but take a look at our video report for a closer look at the Kindle DX device charged with halting the Apple onslaught.

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