Samsung Wave 723 with Bada OS announced

Second Bada handset is the sequel to the Wave

Success of Android phones has not deterred Samsung's Bada quest.

Samsung has added a new handset to its Bada OS portfolio with the Wave 723 to sit below the first Wave device launched earlier this year

The device is a scaled down version of the excellent Bada debutant, dropping the Super AMOLED screen for a 3.2-inch LCD number.

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However, it retains the 5-megapixel camera and LED flash and it has also added the latest generation 802.11n Wi-Fi which was missing from the original.

The press shots also feature a handy little plastic flip cover to protect your not-quite-as-awesome screen from the elements.

The Samsung Wave 723 will be available in Europe from October. We'll be tracking it down at IFA 2010 in Berlin.

Link: Samsung