Amazon Prime Video has just added a fantastic new feature subscribers will LOVE

Watch Party has landed in the UK! Here's how to start using it

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party
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Watch party functionality has been rolling out across streaming services during the pandemic, and it's finally landed on Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

With everyone stuck at home and looking for alternative ways to spend time together, streaming platforms have had to adapt, with Disney Plus introducing GroupWatch last month. 

Amazon Prime Video actually launched its Watch Party feature over the summer, but it was limited to US customers – and now it's finally made the jump across the pond.   

If you're raring to get stuck into the new Watch Party feature, you and your group of fellow viewers will all need to be Amazon Prime members, and if that box is ticked, up to 100 of you can congregate online to watch a series or film together. 

There's no extra cost, but it is limited to the Prime Video desktop experience, so you can't participate via the app. 

Everyone's viewing experience is controlled by the host, who's in charge of the remote essentially, which is a big responsibility/ honor/ curse. 

Here's how to start a Watch Party:

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

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If you're not a Prime member, you can sign up below, or give the 30-day free trial a whirl along with 99 of your closest friends, so you can try out Watch Party together. 

Shabana Arif
Shabana Arif

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