The Pebble Time finally works with the iPhone

Apple eventually gets round to approving the iOS app

Apple has finally got round to approving the Pebble Time iOS app. The Cupertino company took a suspiciously long time to approve the app, and hence make it available on the App Store. So much so, it prompted rumours that it was trying to hobble its arch smartwatch rival.

Now, happily, the app is available, so iPhone owners with a Pebble Time can use the two in perfect harmony.

Pebble heaped praise on Apple for setting the app live. "We thank Apple for honouring the people who love both their Pebble watches and Apple devices," the firm wrote on the Time's Kickstarter page. "Apple's attentiveness to the community means iOS Pebblers with iPhones can now enjoy both their Kickstarter rewards and Pebble's awesome iOS-compatible apps.

"We're glad to have Apple be a part of Pebble's journey then, now, and into the future."

Apple didn't give any reason for the delay. Some apps take longer to approve than others. Maybe it wanted to remind Pebble that it controls the playing field.

You can download the app now from the App Store. It's been available on Android for a while.

The Pebble Time is slimmer than its predecessor, and features a colour E Ink screen (the original's was monochrome). You can speak to record voice memos and to reply to messages. A new timeline interface arranges everything chronologically, so instead of rooting around in a messaging app for recent messages, just swipe left to see recent activity. It should last between five and seven days before needing a recharge, which is the same battery life as its predecessor.

It's shipping now for Kickstarter backers, and will be available to pre-order from June 22.