Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint tech points at true all-screen display

Three handsets with two new fingerprint reading options? It's time to go Beyond

Samsung Galaxy S10 leak
(Image credit: Ice Universe)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has already leaked in the above image with a true all-screen display and now new rumours support that as a reality we could see soon. A new type of fingerprint reader could make that screen possible at last.

According to reliable leakster Ice Universe we will see three new Galaxy S10 handsets, expected as early as January 2019. These will each come with different specs and two types of fingerprint reader.

The Beyond handsets, as they're being codenamed, will apparently come in the form of a Beyond0 entry model with dual cameras and side button fingerprint reader. This isn't a new type of tech but represents a change from Samsung's usual home button or rear placed fingerprint sensors.

Next are the Beyond1, with dual cameras, and Beyond2 with triple cameras – both of which should sport a brand new ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint reader.

Regular readers of will recall that we reported on these three S10 models back in June.

While a side button fingerprint reader is cool and an in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint reader is amazing, it's what they could mean that's truly exciting. 

By moving the sensors away from the front of the phone totally, Samsung would make way for a true Infinity Display that truly does away with screen clutter. 

And, if it did move all the sensors and lenses from the front, that would mean no bezels, no front-facing camera, no sensors and no earpiece microphone on the front – it would be a pure screen handset.

Previous rumours suggest Samsung will use the vibrations of the phone's screen glass as an earpiece speaker for calls. It could also hide the sensors below the glass and the selfie camera in a pop-up module.

We're not sure that Samsung will go full display with the S10, but what we are increasingly confident about is that the S10 and S10 Plus will have that much-wanted in-display fingerprint reader.