OnePlus 2 invite system is officially live

Hurry up and get your name down; the clock is ticking

OnePlus has finally opened the OnePlus 2 invite reservation list to the public, just 24 hours away from its July 27 launch event.

You're now free to sign up on the OnePlus website for a chance to win an invitation to buy the company's next smartphone, the highly-anticipated OnePlus 2.

Like its predecessor, the OnePlus One, you can't just pick it up in any old phone shop. It will only be available for purchase with an invite, at first anyway.

You better not waste time, though, as the invite list is already stacking up. Over 50,000 people have already reportedly signed up, so it's best to get it straight out of the way rather than run the risk of missing out.

There shouldn't be the same inventory problems as last time though. OnePlus recently confirmed that it was holding 30 to 50 times the launch inventory for the OnePlus 2 compared to the OnePlus One, so there should be enough to go around.

As well as opening the floodgates, OnePlus has also made its virtual reality launch app available on the Play Store. It will let you watch the OnePlus 2 launch in 360-degree virtual reality. Obviously, though, you must need a VR headset for your phone as well as the Android app running.

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