iPhone 8 set to get 12 September launch date at Apple keynote

New report spills when your iPhone fix could arrive

Another day, another iPhone 8 rumour - meaning the announcement and release date must be looming ever closer. Now a new report has revealed that the iPhone 8 could be unveiled as soon as 12 September.

According to a French report on Mac4Ever, Apple will actually launch the iPhone 8 on that 12 September date meaning you can see it from then. However it will mean a longer wait for the actual release date when you can pick up your handset. The report refers to the Apple iPhone 8 keynote as being on that 12 September date.

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Allegedly the networks that will distribute the iPhone 8 have already been alerted to this 12 September keynote day for Apple, which makes sense for their planning. Several sources have apparently leaked that same date.

The same source has said that the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will all go on sale the week after that launch event. That means you could own a new iPhone 8 as soon as 22 September.

Also expected to appear at the Apple keynote is a new Apple Watch and a 4K Apple TV.